Pre-Departure Jitters

Hello all, welcome to my blog.

I’ve created this as a space for me to keep people updated on my study abroad to Australia. This experience is one that I’m sure I won’t ever forget and I wanted to use this space as a digital journal and memory-keeper.

With less than a week before my departure to Australia, I have a few freak-outs left. While I know that this experience is going to be good for me, it is not without many fears that I will be undertaking the trip. The flights that I will embark upon on January 27th will mark the first time that I will be flying alone. This experience is also my first time using a visa, first time living out of the country, first time living on my own (in my own dorm/apartment), and first time on another continent.

In many ways, this is going to be a liberating experience. It is because of this that I am so afraid. I’m afraid of how crippled I may be by culture shock, afraid of being completely alone, and afraid of being so far from home. I have so many fantastic people who I am leaving at home and they will all be missed dearly. I will not forget any of you and I cannot wait to see you when I return!

*To a fantastic future*


2 thoughts on “Pre-Departure Jitters”

  1. It will be all of your firsts in one trip…we will miss you but are so envious of this opportunity for you to experience all of this….hopefully I can figure out to skype and all of that so I can see you….love you…..Gma

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