Kookaburra Laughs

It’s been a while since I last posted. My apologies for the delay, there has been a lot happening lately along with a period of adjustment to this new setting.

One might think that Australia is very similar to the United States. In some ways, it is; in other ways, it is completely different. For instance, the birds, foliage, weather, lifestyle, and general attitude are all different in Australia.

The birds.. don’t even get me started on those. Magpies, cockatoos, kookaburra, and lorikeets. These might sound like made up names to some. Others know that they are all interesting looking birds and loud as they can be. Magpies are vicious creatures in their swooping season (which I missed, thank goodness). Cockatoos are often found in flocks in the trees and not terribly loud. Lorikeets are beautiful little birds that fly around without making too much of a ruckus. The magpies and crows around here, however, sound like dying animals. When they call to each other, it really sounds like a dying cat or lamb. Absolutely atrocious noises, those that the magpies make. Kookaburra, though, are the worst! These birds like to disturb the peace more than any of the others. They sound like monkeys from a disturbing horror film. I don’t know how to describe it any other way. They laugh but in an extremely freaky way that makes you wonder if they are cackling to mess with your head.


More posts to come, I promise!

*To a fantastic future*


2 thoughts on “Kookaburra Laughs”

  1. I absolutely love this picture you got of the kookaburra birds!!! Stinks that they are annoying because they sure are cute!

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